reGrow utilizes the simple and rapid cultivation of kombucha, common maker tools, reuse of waste grape crops, and open source philosophies to deliver an intelligent biomedical gown that can assist in the rehabilitation of patients with a selection of skin injuries and ailments. The water retention and moisturising properties make the material an ideal candidate to combine both burn treatment and the delivery of encapsulated active compounds onto damaged skin. reGROW is a smart, yet fashionable, scalable and easy-to-produce medical gown. 
This project as won the first prize of Reshape 2018 Wearable Tech category. Top image credit: Surzhana Radnaeva.
A. Rigobello: Project Manager, Creative Director – thr34d5.
V. Roussel: kombucha Expert, Designer – thr34d5.
T. Leeson: Designer – thr34d5.
Dr R. Pott: Collaborating Researcher.
S. Radnaeva: Fashion Designer, Fashion Photographer.
B. Denjean: Ecosystem Designer.
H. Saâd: Video Editior.
I. Baïz: Guest Speaker.
V. Gelardi: Model.
Pictures credits: A. Rigobello, unless mentioned otherwise.