Prototaxites stellaviatori: a Fungal Growth Simulation Model for Mycelium-Based Composites Education in Applied Arts.
The increasing experimental investigations of Mycelium-Based Composites (MBC) in design and architecture necessitate efforts from pedagogues to find ways to transmit knowledge and support regarding the guiding principles of mycology so as to empower students in their investigations and study. The adoption of MBC craft in arts and applied arts offers much potential in extending the space of material semiotics as it is often accompanied by several theoretical and systemic interests, such as the urge to adopt alternative ontologies of nature or implementing thoroughly sustainability in the economy. To support these critical reflections and exploring novel formal expressions we have developed a stochastic simulation model of fungal colonisation for design education and research in MBC. In this paper we present the conceptual and technical framework guiding the model's development with specific focus on its role as a pedagogical instrument. We report on its pedagogical impact based on a students survey and their productions.
Authors: A. Rigobello, N. Gaudillière-Jami, P. Ayres.
Picture credit: A. Rigobello.