Kinoko Torii, prototype – ⛩️🍄

Development of a multi-material companion by thr34d5 in collaboration with Smart Textile Design.
Kinoko Torii is a toy for kids, with an informational connected app. This toy is cultivated with Reishi mycelium, chosen for its opportunistic diet, and the sustainability and lightweight of the composites that it can be cultivated in. The lightweight allows for a unique haptic, leveraging the designed balance of the artefact. This project is particularly about a haptic that drives the design, all the while inducing opportunities.
Is it really only for kids?

thr34d5 team:
Nadja Gaudillière-Jami,
Joanne Jones,
Angela Ciobanu,
Tim Leeson,
Adrien Rigobello.

This project benefits from a co-funding from WORTH Partnership Project for the on-going development of Kinoko Torii.